Auto Detailing Packages


At Ceramic Pro Thousand Oaks, we understand the importance of detailing and take the time and care needed to provide every customer with the best auto detailing Thousand Oaks has to offer. Our passion for detailing comes from the love of making each vehicle look showroom ready. We take great pride in delivering the highest quality services to every customer while using the best products available on the market. Our team has over 13 years experience and we guarantee customer satisfaction in all of our work. We offer a variety of luxury detailing services including clay and polish, paint correction, and interior detailing. We know how much you love your vehicle, so why not schedule regular detailing to prolong the value of your car. 

Whether you’re searching for the best auto detailing Thousand Oaks has to offer or want to remove swirls from your vehicle’s paint with our paint correction package, our team wants to take care of you. We highly recommend pairing one of our detail packages with Ceramic Pro or Clear Bra to keep your vehicle’s paint protected from the hazardous elements on the road. Our team has set the bar high with our standard for excellence in all of our work. Let us take care of all your auto detailing Thousand Oaks needs. Request a free quote here.

The best way to protect your investment!

Exterior Touch Up

This package includes a thorough exterior car wash, deep cleaning of wheels, windows and tire shine.

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Clay and Polish

This package includes a deep cleaning car wash, wheel detail, clay bar and paint polish (one stage correction).

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Paint Correction

This package includes exterior clay bar, compound polishing, wash line removal, micro-marring and swirl removal, wheel, and tire detail and shine.

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Concourse Correction

This package includes a car wash, clay bar, compound polish, wet sand (if necessary), removal of all paint defects and wheel and tire detail.

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Interior Detail

This package includes an extensive interior vacuum, interior surface wipe down and cup holder cleaning.

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